January 17, 2022


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King of Fighters XIV 2.01 patch fixes bugs, adds balance changes

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Version 2.01 has arrived for KOF XIV and while it includes corrections to many moves that acted improperly, it also comes with several tweaks to character performance.

For starters, a number of bugs in KOF XIV have been corrected, including an error that caused the backdash of several characters to have erratic hurtboxes, sometimes even evading lows on recovery. Another fix removed Rock Howard’s ex command grab loop by removing the ability to grab characters out of the air.

Some characters, however, had tweaks to alter options in their gameplan. For example, Vanessa’s ex parrying puncher now has less ability to extend combos, most likely in hopes of removing her stun combo; Sylvie Paula Paula’s max Paula Experiment now does less damage and has less “follow-up options”; and Hein’s jumping kick can now be cancelled into special moves.

For the full list of changes, players can head to SNK’s official website.