January 17, 2022


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SNK games discounted as part of Steam Autumn Sale

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The Last Blade, The King of Fighters XIII, KOF 2002 Unlimited Match and KOF ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition are currently on sale on the Steam platform.

Players can buy the King of Fighters Triple Pack, containing all three titles, for $17.49, 50 percent off its normal price. The individual games are also on sale, with KOF XIII discounted to $9.99 and KOF 2002 UM and KOF ’98 UMFE at $7.49 each. The Last Blade is $4.99.

Other titles on sale include Twinkle Star Sprites, Baseball Stars 2 and games from the Metal Slug series. Interested players have until Nov. 29, 2016, to pick up the titles as these discounted prices.