MKXL Ranking

PVGF Players MKXL 2017 Ranking


PVGF Players MKXL 2017 Ranking

Mortal Kombat XL Pakistani Players Ranking 2017

RankPlayerMatch PlayedMatch WinsMatch LoseFVStraightStreaksPointsWin RatioLost Ratio
1pakMKRayden 1MKRayden1591025718147634046436
4pakPVGF Player JustnajmJustNajm34181602112705347
5pakPVGF Player RameezRameez2716110248505941
6pakUsman CanadaH3yYOUH271512002475644
7pakPVGF Player Supervillin8SuperVillian8321220003393863
8pakPVGF Player SiddiqueSiddique261214394324654
10paksaeedSaeed Qureshi963062226733
11pakmortal kombat x white dragon logo artwork 646x325 e1492604693169Waqas844062145050
12paksameer ibaSameer16412030133875
14pakahmedATQ Ahmed72500062971
PVGF UCC 2018 1

PVGF holds video games event at Ultimate Comic Con 2018


PVGF (Pakistan Virtual Gamers Fighter’s) is proud to announce, that it hosted a very successful video games event, at the Ultimate Comic Con (UCC), held on April 14, 2018 at the Global Marquees in Karachi. The Ultimate Comic Con was a very successful event organized by Ms. Maryah Miandad, daughter of beloved Pakistani cricket superstar, Mr. Javed Miandad. Maryah and her team pulled off a brilliant event which showcased our local talent. We had cosplayers dressed up as the Joker from DC Comics, Thanos and Ghost Rider from Marvel Comics, the terrifying nun from the movie Conjuring, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and many more fantastic characters.

PVGF Players

PVGF founder Tariq Rathore, and his three co-founders, Javaid Rizvi, Khalid Malik and Paul Ferns, are very thankful to the UCC team for allowing them to showcase some of the best players of Pakistan who played in Mortal Kombat XL, Street Fighter V and King of Fighters 14. They put on a fantastic display of gameplay skills in terms of strategy, special moves and knockout combos. One highlight of this event was Pakistan vs India in Mortal Kombat XL. These were casual matches via online gaming and both sides put on a fantastic display of skills. The general audience was invited to play as well and PVGF was more than happy to accommodate all request.
That being said PVGF hopes to do even better next time and host a bigger and more memorable event. We once again take this opportunity to thank the organizers of Ultimate Comic Con and wish them the best for all future events, they will always have the support of PVGF wherever and whenever needed.

IBA Awards

PVGF Player MKRayden Wins Mortal Kombat XL Tournament Hosts by IBAProbattle 2017


IBA’s Computer Science Society hosted a Mortal Kombat XL tournament during ProBattle’17. The competition took place on the 4th of March where numerous MKXL players hailing from Karachi participated, as well as 2 players from Lahore. PVGF’s founder Tariq Rathore (also known as MKRayden) took the tournament by storm and after being undefeated in all of his rounds, bagged the 1st position. Not only him but PVGF’s Co-founder Khalid Malik (also known as Krausar) also played extremely well throughout the tournament, coming in 3rd place. The tournament had a lot of great players, from Hassan Ur Rehman’s comebacks as Sub-Zero to Rameez Arif’s juggling as Kitana but alas, their skills were not enough to match the might of PVGF’s players.



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