August 18, 2022


Pakistan E sports Players

PVGF wish all of you a Happy and Glorious Pakistan Day

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Pakistan Zindabad 1

Pakistan Zindabad 1

It’s 23rd March the day when Pakistan Resolution was passed laying the constitutional foundation of our country, and it is the day when our armed forces alongside with our politicians organize a parade and display the strength of our security agencies and refreshing the Pakistan Day memory which took place in Lahore around 70 years ago.

Pakistan has paved its way in all fields of life, be it sports,education or military but in recent times we have seen players from Pakistan growing up and challenging the world in E-sports,recently Arsalan Shah from Lahore won the Tekken Evo tournament in Japan waving the green and white in front of the world,and was named the world champion, players from PVGF played Street fighter against India just before 23rd March and what happened will surely surprise you. Check out the videos below.

Tekken 7 Arslan Ash vs. AK Grand Final (Evo Japan 2019)

Street Fighter V AE MKRayden against IndianFGC Player

Mortal Kombat XL MKRayden Against India Vijender