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PVGF Sponsoring Fighting Gamers Players


Assalam O Alaikum PG Gamers,

I wanted to inform if you play fighting game and you thing beat your opponent then get ready.

Game Name
Especially MKXL, IJ2,SFV, KOFXIV, and Tekken,

Mostly Matches are Offline Only

Online Matches
Depend on Internet Speed

Prize Type
Mobile Balance Upto 500/ (Per Game) Any Question ask me

PVGF Registration Fees
100 Per Game Any Question ask me

Every Month

Only PVFG players can play this Competition.

Players VS. Players , Team feature will be soon

Will Start October or Mid September 2018

Your name will be here along with your gaming details PVGF Players – Esports PVGF

your matches recording and Complete Career Matches

Incase if you any question Pm me , ask here or Call / SMS Me

We are also connected with U.A.E Players for MKXL and SFV AE

Fighting EX Layer 11 15 17

Fighting EX Layer Gameplay Featuring Shadowgeist, Sanane, D.Dark & Hokuto


The latest FEXL gameplay shows off 12 minutes of action, including the first raw gameplay of Shadowgeist. We also get a better look at movesets for Sanane, D. Dark, and Hokuto. The new footage also allows us to appreciate the visual upgrades of the latest build of the game, featuring an updated HUD, improved graphics, and several new stages!

Injustice 2 awards

Injustice2 wins Best Fighting Game at TheGameAwards.


The results are in and #Injustice2 wins Best Fighting Game at #TheGameAwards.

Art of Fighting Anthology Hits PS4


Art of Fighting Anthology on PlayStation Store. It’s a compilation that includes Art of Fighting, Art of Fighting 2 and Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior.

#PVGF added at Art of Fighting Anthology Hits PS4

Posted by Pakistan Virtual Gaming Federation on Monday, September 4, 2017