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PVGF Sponsoring Fighting Gamers Players


Assalam O Alaikum PG Gamers,

I wanted to inform if you play fighting game and you thing beat your opponent then get ready.

Game Name
Especially MKXL, IJ2,SFV, KOFXIV, and Tekken,

Mostly Matches are Offline Only

Online Matches
Depend on Internet Speed

Prize Type
Mobile Balance Upto 500/ (Per Game) Any Question ask me

PVGF Registration Fees
100 Per Game Any Question ask me

Every Month

Only PVFG players can play this Competition.

Players VS. Players , Team feature will be soon

Will Start October or Mid September 2018

Your name will be here along with your gaming details PVGF Players – Esports PVGF

your matches recording and Complete Career Matches

Incase if you any question Pm me , ask here or Call / SMS Me

We are also connected with U.A.E Players for MKXL and SFV AE

IBA Awards

PVGF Player MKRayden Wins Mortal Kombat XL Tournament Hosts by IBAProbattle 2017


IBA’s Computer Science Society hosted a Mortal Kombat XL tournament during ProBattle’17. The competition took place on the 4th of March where numerous MKXL players hailing from Karachi participated, as well as 2 players from Lahore. PVGF’s founder Tariq Rathore (also known as MKRayden) took the tournament by storm and after being undefeated in all of his rounds, bagged the 1st position. Not only him but PVGF’s Co-founder Khalid Malik (also known as Krausar) also played extremely well throughout the tournament, coming in 3rd place. The tournament had a lot of great players, from Hassan Ur Rehman’s comebacks as Sub-Zero to Rameez Arif’s juggling as Kitana but alas, their skills were not enough to match the might of PVGF’s players.



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1)The Frontier Post

2)Pakistan Today

3) Daily Dunya

4)Jehan Pakistan

5)Daily Nai Baat