January 17, 2022


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King of Fighters 14 October patch statement from SNK

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kofXiv e1473073076782

King of Fighters 14 October patch statement from SNK “We’re making an update aimed at responding to fan’s opinions so far.

“We got alerted pretty early on about a certain bug with fuzzy guarding that we’re working on fixing, and we figured that while we’re fixing that we might as well get to some other stuff at the same time. We’ve heard a lot of opinions about which characters need adjusting, and right now we’re trying to figure out how much we should change so we don’t go too far with it, and experimenting with what works.

“For specifics, we do feel that Nakoruru’s hawk might be a bit too strong. We don’t want to change any character’s play-style, but maybe adjust a bit so the characters are on a more level playing field.

“Although we released a patch which addressed the game’s netcode, we’ve also had some complaints regarding the matchmaking, where players feel they’re being matched with others of very different ranks, which we’re working on now, and can hopefully roll out with this upcoming October patch as well.

“Even though we’ve already added a harsher penalty for players who quit during online matches, we’re looking into making that penalty even harsher, as well, to discourage players from doing so. We’re also trying to work on the inputs in the game, to find a balance where it feels good both for beginners and advanced players, so that might be something we’ll end up changing as well.

“We’ll be releasing a patch in October, and try to include all of the fixes and changes we want to make in it. I promise that we’ll have a patch out in October, at least.”