SFV: Arcade Edition

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Darkstalkers & Halloween 2018 Costumes Coming to SFV: Arcade Edition


Capcom is releasing 3 more costumes based on everyone’s favorite horror-themed 2D fighter. In this new set of DLC costumes, Menat goes full cat-girl with her Felicia cosplay, Ed channels the vampire spirit of Demitri, and Chun-Li becomes a very well-known succubus. Capcom is also offering all 6 Darkstalkers costumes together for the price of $14.99

Thanks Nadeem for this Update

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SFV: Arcade Edition Getting SF1 “Mike-Like” Retro Costume


Capcom announced today that they are giving Balrog a new retro costume in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition based on Mike from Street Fighter 1. Players can get the “Mike-like” Balrog costume in SFV’s Fighting Chance until September 24th, 2018