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PVGF has conducted a successful tournament of KOFXIV Season 2 Supported by SNK


Once again PVGF has conducted a successful tournament of KOFXIV. This was possible with the support of SNK Japan, ETC Chile and our amazing players. A total of 16 skilled players took part in the double elimination tournament and we had the same past winners who secured the top two positions this time too. Farhan won the tournament and Wahaj came second with Inayat taking third place. Merchandise provided by SNK was distributed to the players. It was a good tournament and we hope to have a bigger and better one soon in the next 3 months.

Videos will upload soon.


PVGF Presents KOFXIV Tournament Season 2


After a successful PVGF KOFXIV tournament collaboration between SNK JAPAN and PVGF, now again PVGF is having the second KOF IV Tournament Season 2 with the support of SNK JAPAN.

This tournament is named WTF (Where’s The Fight) and we will be holding it at Mehmoodabad, one of the popular towns in the metropolitan city of Karachi. This tournament will be covered by various local Pakistani newspapers and channels, in addition to popular social media media pages. Currently we have confirmed 20 players and also received some Pakistani Online KOFXIV players queries, so we will try to accommodate them as well.
Please feel free to contact us regarding any other questions you may have and we will reply accordingly.

Announcement: a KOF XIV tournament has been announced. We look forward for your participation!

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IBA Awards

PVGF Player MKRayden Wins Mortal Kombat XL Tournament Hosts by IBAProbattle 2017


IBA’s Computer Science Society hosted a Mortal Kombat XL tournament during ProBattle’17. The competition took place on the 4th of March where numerous MKXL players hailing from Karachi participated, as well as 2 players from Lahore. PVGF’s founder Tariq Rathore (also known as MKRayden) took the tournament by storm and after being undefeated in all of his rounds, bagged the 1st position. Not only him but PVGF’s Co-founder Khalid Malik (also known as Krausar) also played extremely well throughout the tournament, coming in 3rd place. The tournament had a lot of great players, from Hassan Ur Rehman’s comebacks as Sub-Zero to Rameez Arif’s juggling as Kitana but alas, their skills were not enough to match the might of PVGF’s players.



News publish in various newspaper

1)The Frontier Post

2)Pakistan Today

3) Daily Dunya

4)Jehan Pakistan

5)Daily Nai Baat




KOFXIV Details

PVGF conducts KOF XIV Tournament Support by SNK Japan


The first of its kind tournament held with support from SNK Japan. PVGF has commenced operations in August 2015 and is aiming to take virtual and online gaming to a whole new level. Our first tournament of KOF 14 was held on February 12, 2017 in Karachi, Pakistan. A total of 12 players participated in this and they had the best skill set combined with years of experience in KOF as they pulled off flashy combos during aggressive gameplay, the audience was left in awe and admiration. This is the first of many tournaments to come and PVGF is working hard to ensure that every game is given its due attention and that virtual and online gaming takes on a whole new meaning in Pakistan.

Pictures and tournament links can be seen here. The winner of the tournament was Wahaj and the runner up was Farhan. Cash Prize money for the winner and the runner up was awarded . This was managed by PVGF while merchandise provided by SNK was also given to them. Hopefully this year will see a lot of new and upcoming changes in Pakistan and we thank SNK once again for this opportunity provided.

Brackets Below


Matches videos link below

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This Tournament cover by various Pakistan Newspaper.

  1. Daily Business Recorder

2.The Frontier Post

3.Pakistan Today

4. Daily Times

5.The Nation

6. Pakistan Observer

7. Daily Dunya


8 Daily Jehan Pakistan

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