Red Hood IJ2

Red Hood coming to Injustice 2 on June 13


DC’s Jason Todd will unleash his brand of justice on opponents when he releases for premium pack owners of Injustice 2 on June 13.

During the Injustice Watchtower stream, NetherRealm Studios Community Specialist Tyler Lansdown confirmed that players who have purchased the the Deluxe or Ultimate editions of Injustice 2, or the Ultimate or Fighter packs, will get access to Red Hood on June 13. Everyone else will have to wait an additional week.

As shown during the stream, Red Hood has moves including a mine, a throwing star, a special dive and of course gunshots. NRS also revealed that new characters are banned for 30 days after release.

Readers can check out the original Red Hood trailer below.

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This zero damage projectile video turns King of Fighters 14 into a dance party


The Combonauts are at it again, this time not with flashy combos or bugs, but with a stylish King of Fighters 14 zero damage fireball evasion video that sees much of the cast dance their way around projectiles.

Edited to line up with some catchy dance music from CVS2, the KOF14 training room quickly becomes a dance floor for the cast.

You’ll likely find yourself tapping a foot along with the beat, but this video isn’t just for entertainment. The moves performed are widely practical for getting around projectiles in game. We learn, we have fun, we go home happy.
Source EVentHubs